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If you are suddenly unable to make your own health decisions, how will those closest to you speak for you?

One of the kindest things you can do for your family and close friends is to have completed an advance health care directive like 'The Five Wishes.'


The Well of Grief

by David White

Those who will not slip beneath
the still surface on the well of grief

turning down through its black water
to the place we cannot breathe

will never know
the source from which we drink
the secret water cold and clear

nor find in the darkness
the small gold coins

thrown by those who wished for something else.

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Sherrie Ruth Anderson: Ripening Time

05/15/2015 - 05/15/2015

Inside Stories for Aging with Grace


NameDateNumberSherrie Ruth AndersonDescription
Sherry Anderson Book Talk05/15/20151Sherry AndersonThis is a recording of a book talk that Sherry Anderson gave in Colorado based on her book Ripening Time.

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